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  • PCS-9575 Static Frequency Converter

  • The static frequency converter (SFC) is a speed governing system for large capacity synchronous motor starting or its speed control in pumped storage power plant, gas turbine power plant and industrial enterprise. It supplies current with varying frequency to the stator of motor to control the motor speed.

    NR’s PCS-9575 static frequency converter system is based on NR’s widely used UAPC platform, successful thyristor application, real-time close loop control technologies and experience in high voltage design & production.

    Pumped Storage Power Station
    SFC is used control the motor startup from 0Hz to 50Hz (or 60Hz) before it operates in pump mode. SFC makes the motor switch smoothly without impact on grid operation.

    Gas Turbine Power Plant
    In gas turbine power plant, SFC system is used to drive the generator unit through purging, warming , firing and accelerating.

    Other Industrial Enterprises
    SFC system can be used for initial start and speed control in other industrial enterprises where synchronous motors with large capacity are widely used.

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  • NR Electric’s PCS-9575 static frequency converter system features advanced and reliable hardware platform, high level EMC, photoelectric triggered converter bridge, excellent operation performance and easy maintenance.
  • Distributed multi-CPU structure.
  • High integrated system.
  • Pulse generation with great stability and reliability.
  • Realtime fast data communication.
  • Compact system design to enhance reliability and EMC.
  • Automatic testing function.
  • Variable speed driving of great stability and reliability;
  • Powerful wave recording and convenient analysis.
  • Extensive self-check.
  • Suppporting various communication protocol.