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  • PCS-9570 Series Compensation

  • The PCS-9570 series products are designed based on years of experience in the protection and control solutions for HVAC relay protection. The AC digital sampling, based on electronic transformer measurement, effectively solves the interference problem on site. The protection and control model based on IEC61850 standards can implement sequence control of the substation series compensators to automatically switch-in or switch-over capacitor banks with series compensators, so as to optimize the power flows and improve transmission capacity in digital substations.The series products are mainly applicable in the AC transmission lines of 66kV~1000kV.

    The series compensator (SC) plays an important role in the intelligent network due to its effect on transmission lines, especially with long distances. It can increase the power capacity of the transmission network and optimize power flow dispatching, reduce power losses and make full use of power supply at the minimum generation cost. NR Electric’s PCS-9570 series compensator offer complete SC solutions. The PCS-9570 consists of capacitor, metal oxide arrester, damping circuit, spark gap, bypass switch, series compensator platform and electronic transducers, SC protection & control system, etc.

    The spark gap is the main component for series compensation. It serves as the key component used to protect the capacitor and MOV against overvoltage stress. NR Electric’s spark gap is initiated by a trigger circuit. Forced-triggered gaps typically spark over only during internal faults. The maximum time delay from the point at which the MOV high-current or high-energy bypass threshold is exceeded until Spark Gap conduction shall not exceed 1ms.

    Series Compensation typical system configuration is shown below. The NR Electric protection devices and trigger gap control provide a redundant design. The series compensation switching control device integrates a conventional circuit breaker monitoring and control function into one device. The protocol converter and the remote device are configured, based on the system’s needs. The remote device implements distant sequence control of series compensation, allowing for a maintenance-free station.

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  • Professional design for safe and reliable primary system
    The protection and control system were designed to facilitate the coordination among the capacitor bank, MOV, spark gap, damping circuit, and electronic transformers.
  • Advanced UAPC platform
    The UAPC platform developed by NR Electric features reliable performance, rapid processing and modular interface/card plug-ins. It has been widely used in HVDC transmission systems.
  • Duplicated protection configuration
    This configuration was created to ensure the reliability of the protection system.
  • Easy-to-use series compensation debugging device
    The conventional relay testers, are also Suitable for on-site for series compensation check.