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  • PCS-9567 Power Conversion System

  • Leveraging our comprehensive experience and solutions, NR Electric offers a sophisticated interconnection solution for grid-scale Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). Our Power Conversion System (PCS) solution includes advanced converter/inverter technology and comprehensive control, protection and management system to ensure the safety, reliability and flexibility of your BESS. It can reduce power supply cost, improve power system stability, regulate grid frequency and compensate load fluctuation, etc. NR Electric’s PCS, with various battery technologies, is flexible to provide a wide range of functionalities asked by the smart grid.

    PCS-9567 is UL (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.), CE (Conformity with European) and G59 (Engineering Recommandation G59, Issue 3) compliance. This system strictly satisfied power safety rules, electro and magnetic compatibility (EMC) and power grid adaption requirement.

    NR PCS and grid-connection system have been successfully applied in China, India, Japan and other vital energy storage markets. Based on more than 20 years experiences in electrical engineering and renewables, we are committed to promoting widespread application of energy storage system through our turnkey solutions including consulting, design, manufacture and supply, installation, commissioning, training and operation.

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  • Accurate and flexible charging & discharging control
    The PCS-9567 Power Conversion System(PCS) communicates with Battery Management System (BMS) in real-time and monitors the current operation information of batteries. It controls the charging & discharging status of converter and switches charging & discharging modes between “constant current”, “constant voltage” or “constant power”. The PCS supports multiple types of energy storage elements.
  • Flexible switchover between grid-connected operation mode and isolated grid operation mode
    The Power Conversion System can flexibly realize bidirectional energy exchanges in the grid-connected operation mode, or be used as the main power source in the isolated grid operation mode.
  • Respond to MEMS commands for peak load shifting
    With the Micro-Grid Energy Management System (MEMS), it can store electric energy at power consumption valley and release electric energy at power consumption peak, realizing peak load shifting.
  • Transient fault recording functions
    The system can continuously record fault signals from pre-fault to post-fault period. The recorded data is stored in the sharing directory of the operator workstation and can be used in fault analysis.
  • Soft grid-connected control and electric energy quality control
    On the base of online monitoring grid voltage information, the control system of PCS can accurately control the output voltage of converter in real-time and eliminate static and dynamic errors to realize non-impact grid connection. In addition, the control system has online harmonic monitoring function and independent harmonic analysis software module to optimize the control of power conversion and ensure electric energy quality.
  • Grid frequency and grid reactive power control
    In grid-connected operation, the converter regulates primary and secondary frequency for grid coordinating using Automatic Generation Control (AGC); and provides grid static reactive power control using Automatic Voltage Control (AVC).
  • Complete self-check and protection functions
    The scope of self-check covers the control system, I/O units, converter power module and so on. Self-check can ensure the detecting internal system fault is less than 1ms. It issues the corresponding operation commands such as blocking trigger pulse or tripping. Complete protection functions are provided to ensure the normal operation of the converter.
  • Complete charging and discharging restriction functions to avoid overvoltage or over temperature during charging and discharging;
  • Reliable protection functions to ensure safe operation of products;
  • Fast response to MEMS command and initiative participation in grid peak regulation;
  • Multiple communication interfaces such as CAN, RS485 and Ethernet.