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  • PCS-9550 LCC-HVDC Control and Protection System

  • A conventional HVDC control and protection system is a key part in guaranteeing the overall performance of the HVDC thyristor-based transmission system. It contributes to safe and steady system operation, provides flexible operating modes and accurate control effects, helps to clear fault and assists in system recovery during system disturbances.

    A well-designed control and protection system can maximally exert the advantages of HVDC transmission technology in the following aspects:

    • Long distance bulk power transmission
    • Underground or underwater cables transmission
    • Asynchronous interconnection of AC system

    The PCS-9550 control and protection system is designed based on very powerful and flexible building blocks built with a stateof- art UAPC platform and connected by high performance fiber optic communication links. It brings the biggest convenience to new and retrofit HVDC transmission projects.

    The design criterion for the control system is to reach 100% reliability for the transmission system. The NR Electric's HVDC control and protection system is equipped with parallel redundancy at all levels. All system parts that are involved in the power transfer of the HVDC link are made redundant.

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  • Full digitalization - all complex control and protection functions are realized by software precisely
  • High compatibility performance;
  • Experience of cooperating with different types of valves;
  • Visual programming and debugging tools with cross platform capability;
  • High-performance distributed system with the fastest interrupt response time of 25μs;
  • Efficient heat dissipation - system without rolling fans;
  • High-accuracy measuring system with synchronous sampling technology;
  • Optical – media-based Fieldbus of high interference immunity, less use of cables;
  • Systematic electromagnetic shielding design, high interference immunity;
  • All parts in the system are in redundant design, including I/O devices;
  • Self-supervision function and fast switch-over in 2ms;
  • Flexible configuration of protection, easy to realize duplicate, redundant or two-out-of-three configuration;
  • Compatible with IEC 61970 standard and fully supports IEC 61970 CIM graphic-model-database integration technology;
  • Supporting many standard communication protocols such as IEC-61850, IEC-60870-5-101, IEC-60870-5-102, IEC-60870- 5-103, IEC-60870-5-104, IEC-60870-6 (TASE 2);
  • Events are distinctively in different color according to its emergency degree and visual program is convenient for debugging;
  • Independent harmonic supervision system;
  • Independent 2M tele-communication channel for protection system;
  • Tele-control system can be chosen between UNIX or embedded unit system.