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  • PCS-9400 Generator Excitation System

  • The PCS-9400 generator excitation system can improve generator performance and reduce maintenance costs. It provides complete control functions, including power system stabilizer, optimum control, adaptive control and other functions. The PCS-9400 can be customized with a wide range of options to accommodate various specifications from customers.

    The range of rated currents is 100A to 7000A and the range o voltages is 100V to 700V. The PCS-9400 system is available fo various excitation types, including:

    • Stationary excitation system
    • One-generator and one-excitation system
    • One-generator and two-excitation system
    • Brush-less excitation system
    • DC exciter excitation system
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  • The excitation system can supply continuous excitation current required by the generator under all operating conditions.
  • The excitation offers continuous 1.1 times the field Voltage and field current needed for the rated power output of generator.
  • The excitation system supplies continuous ceiling voltage that is 1.8 times the generator rated field voltage for 15 seconds.
  • Duration for excitation system operation at 1.8 times of the nominal excitation current is longer than 10s without damage.
  • The excitation system is a high initial response system.
    The voltage response time will not exceed 0.08 s in voltage increasing(force excitation) and will not exceed 0.15s in voltage decreasing(rapid de-excitation and ceiling voltage reducing to zero)
  • The excitation system can ensure continuous normal operation of the generator, when voltage and frequency of the station service power varies in the following rangers:
    - AC: -15%~+15%of rated value.
    - DC: -20%~+20% of rated value.
  • Frequency deviation: -5~+22.5Hz. based on the rated frequency
  • The excitation system is able to control generator voltage change less than 0.25% when generator frequency changes for 1%.
  • Excitation system parameters such as gains, time constants feedback signals and reference signals, etc. are adjustable ranges and proposed settings are recommended by the supplier. Equipment are properly shielded and willl not be effected by electromagnetic interference. Ratings, tests and characteristics are in accordance with the latest approved standards of IEEC and IEC.
  • The excitation control can be arranged for both local and remote operations. Unless otherwise specified, all accessories required for control system interface can be provided by supplier whether or not such items are specifically mentioned in contract documents.
  • All control operations, detailed alarms and operating conditions are possible and activated by an operator pane mounted in front door of the AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) cubicle.
  • The Automatic Voltage Regulator(AVR) uses high-performance CPU as the core, and adopts high precise multi-point AC sampling technology, and all the control, regulation, protection function are realized by the module software.
  • Rectifier cabinet has high capacity. Cooling Rectifier cabinet is with outstanding cooling ability.
  • A lot of elements and protections are supplied for complete control function of excitation system.
  • Parallel-connected dual-cabinet operational mode without switchover process has more reliability.
  • Trending and recording data are provided. The user can search the data one second before fault. The system constantly measures AC current and voltage of generator, active power, reactive power and power factor, etc.
  • The user can configure and troubleshoot PCS-9400 via the communication network.