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  • PCS-9013 DFR Management System

  • The Disturbance Fault Recording Management System (DFRMS) is designed to manage various Disturbance & Fault Recorders(DFRs) across the entire power system. It provides real-time monitoring and waveform analysis based on the information collected from each DFR. Operators in local substations are capable of modifying settings, viewing alarm information and analyzing waveforms. Brief information is available for retrieving on request. Short message (SMS) and Email reminding functions are integrated into this management system.

    The DFR Management System can be configured at the customers’ request in a centralized or decentralized architecture. It can operate in regional and wide area networks under IEC 61850 protocol, FTP and IEC 60870-5-103 based on LAN. Up to 1500 sets of DFRs can be integrated and managed with this system.

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  • Authority configuration and verification functions are provided. When logging on the management interface, users can choose to browse the DR status in a region. Users with WEB authority are entitled to accept or reject short messages or emails.
  • The default view path for MHMI model is: Region → station → device → unit, the default view path for LHMI model is: Device → unit → subordinate station. Switch over between these two models is available.
  • Disturbance recorders are usually configured and tested on site at the local substation. The configuration information is collected at master stations and stored synchronously in the database.