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  • PCS-222 Circuit Breaker Controller

  • The PCS-222 is an intelligent terminal used to control primary switching devices, which include the circuit breaker and main transformer, in the digital substation at all voltage levels. It supports realtime GOOSE communication, and can realize tripping and closing of circuit breakers and switches by matching protection and BCU. It can locally acquire binary signals of primary equipment such as breakers and switches at the same time. It can meet the requirement of GOOSE tripping by point- to-point mode.

    The device can be installed outdoors nearby the primary equipment or connected to the protection & control devices in the control room via optic GOOSE network. Special cabinets are designed for the Circuit Breaker Controllers to fulfill the requirements of dust-proof, humidity-proof, and radiation protection.

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  • Tripping and closing of circuit breakers
    This device receives various GOOSE signals from protection device, including tripping signals (initiating AR), tripping signals (not initiating AR), and reclosing signals, and then drives corresponding output relays to convert GOOSE signals to output.
  • Remote control outputs
    This device provides 33 binary output. In addition to tripping/ closing and blocking outputs of circuit breaker, it also has remote control tripping, closing and blocking contacts for four disconnectors and four earth switched, which are 24 output contacts in total.
  • Remote signal inputs
    This device provides 54 binary inputs. It can locally acquire binary quantities such as breaker position, switch position, and signals of circuit breaker mechanism and main transformer body, and upload them to corresponding protection device or BCU via GOOSE network.
  • All plug-in modules in this device can be smoothly upgraded to keep compatible with UAPC platform, thereby provides a solid protection on users' investment in equipment for a long period.
  • The device adopts high-performance DSP, internal highspeed bus, and intelligent I/O. Both hardware and software adopt modular design, allowing flexible configuration, general module for both plug-in module and software modules, and easy expansion and maintenance. Numbers and types of spare plug-in modules that user needs to keet for replacement are largely reduced.
  • This device can receive GOOSE signals such as protection tripping/closing, manual closing/tripping of BCU and control of disconnecters and earth switch, and output corresponding contacts. It can acquire and upload positions of breakers/ disconnecters/earth switch, and breaker body signals etc.
  • Time between receiving GOOSE message and correspoding at output relay is less than 7ms, and this is normally not affacted by GOOSE network storm.
  • This device adopts fully enclosed relays which has high impedance and low power consumption, thus its power consumption and heat dissipation is reduced, which improves the security of the device.
  • The device provides flexible communication modes. It is equiped with 15 independent GOOSE interfaces and 1 RS- 232 commissioning port, and it supports new generation substation communication standard IEC61850.
  • Supporting IRIG-B synchronization via fiber optical interface and IEEE1588 time synchronization and 256 latest local operation records.
  • The funcion of measurement of ambient temperature and humidity is integrated.