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  • PCS-9520 VSC-HVDC Control and Protection System

  • The control and protection is the brain of the entire VSC-HVDC system. The HVDC SuperConTM control system employs tough UAPC platform designed by NR Electric. It adopts hierarchical structure, redundant design, robust control functions and comprehensive protection scheme. It monitors, controls and protects all AC and DC in the VSC-HVDC transmission system.

    Control and protection system is designed based on embedded CPU, DSP, ,CPLD module. CPU takes care of parameter setting, display and etc, DSP is implementing calculation to achieve all control and protection function. CPLD is used for data transmission via optic fiber base on IEC standard protocol, and also for communication with SCADA through high speed Ethernet. All board cards are based on standardized and modular design.

    Each VSC-HVDC system has two independent control and protection systems for redundancy to ensure high reliability. Multiple transient fault recording (TFR) functions are used for fault tracing. The recording settings are flexible to accommodate the consumer’s requirements.

    VSC-HVDC control and protection system consists of operator monitoring equipment and distributed control and protection equipment. They communicate each other via high speed Ethernet. The control and protection equipment itself, communicate and coordinate through on-site bus, i.e. CAN bus.

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  • Support electronic measuring equipment and optical measuring equipment;
  • Support external coordination control system(s) to use digital communications to achieve AC and DC coordinated control;
  • Support FACTS equipment to use digital communications to achieve coordinated control;
  • High-performance, distributed system based on embedded hardware technology;
  • Master control and protection unit uses dedicated HTM high speed data bus, ensuring the powerful processing capability;
  • Full system redundancy design, dual power supply configuration;
  • Systematic design of electromagnetic shielding, strong anti-interference ability;
  • Fiber media field bus, high anti-interference ability;
  • Unix / Linux + Windows hybrid platform system controlled by operator, with dual advantages of both security and ease of operation;
  • All devices support the remote maintenance on the workstation;
  • Friendly HMI;
  • Rich and accurate SOE;
  • Complete, accurate internal wave-recording function;
  • Full-truth training systems;
  • Full-featured backup on-site control system;