Talent Strategy

Well-organized talents are the greatest assets of the company.
You will discover here
  • • A platform that integrates multiple technological disciplines
  • • A full-function organization that comprises R&D, sales, production, and service
We believe
  • • Cooperation and innovation as the major criteria for talent evaluation
  • • A pragmatic and harmonious company culture that holds the talents together
  • • An efficient and cooperative platform that develops talents
We witness
  • • Human resources proved to be the most valuable capital in the company's history
Current Talent Pool

We are one dynamic team, with more than 4000 people employed globally. We are committed to build a world-class R&D and industrialization team specialized in comprehensive technology domains in electric control industry.
In the past twenty years, we have successfully developed batches of technological elites in different fields. Always being innovative guarantees the sustainable growth of NR, in the past, at present, and in the future.