Do you have questions about career in NR? You may find the answers here, or drop an email to NRHR@nrec.com .
  • 1. I cannot find a suitable position on the career page. Can I still apply?
  • You may choose to apply for other position, and your profile will be saved in our talent pool for future opportunities.
  • 2. Can I apply for different positions at the same time?
  • Yes, you can. We will recommend the most suitable position to you after checking your profile.
  • 3. I have applied, but have not got feedback yet. What should I do?
  • Basically, you will receive feedback within 10 working days. Otherwise, you could inquire by writing an email to NRjob@nari-relays.com.
  • 4. What is the culture like in NR?
  • Practice, improvement, cooperation and innovation are the core culture we advocate. We value highly the practical attitude towards innovation, to solve actual challenges in the industry in an innovative way, with collective efforts of all NR professionals.
  • 5. What kind of compensation and benefits I will get if I have the opportunity to work for NR?
  • As one of the leading enterprise in the industry, we offer very competitive salary package to the talents around the world. Definitely we will also provide comprehensive benefits, not only complied with local country‚Äôs laws, but also ensure you a better work and living environment.