NR Protection & Control Historical milestones


First Generation: CKJ/CKF Solid-State Protection Relays

At the end of 1980s, the founder of NR Electric Professor Shen Guorong first put forth the new protection principle based on Deviation of Power Frequency Component (DPFC) and invented directional comparison and distance relay relying on DPFC, which were successfully applied in the CKF and CKJ series solid-state relays. This series of products spread to 110-500kV power grid around China and became one of the fastest relays in the world.

Second Generation: LFP-900 Digital Protection Relays

In the 1990s, the research team further put forth a series of protection algorithms based on DPFC and successfully supported the protection functions with DPFC as the core in the LFP-900 series products. Relying on micro controller technology, this generation achieved the traditional protection functions by advance technology &innovative concepts, thus acquired more powerful functions, better performance, and user friendly. 


Third Generation: RCS-900/9000 Numerical Protection Relays and Automation System

On the basis of summarizing, developing the advanced technologies and mature operation experience of LFP-900 protection, the numerical protection RCS-900 and RCS-9000 substation automation system was inherited. This series of protections included major improvements and innovations in hardware structure, protection principles and communication processing. In recent years, driven by the market, new protection & control equipment was developed, such as protection of series-compensated lines, double circuit lines and UHVAC and UHVDC protection system.

Fourth Generation: PCS-900/9000 Numerical Protection Relays and Automation System

The fourth generation of PCS-900/9000 numerical relays was designed to meet the requirements of HVAC protection & control system and distributed protection system. They fully support digital substations, electronic and traditional CT/PT, IEC 61850, meet the requirements of uniform platform and high flexibility.

While PCS-900 series protection & control equipment has been in service with electronic CT/PT and/or based on IEC 61850 in several pilot projects of digital substation

The Latest Generation: PCS S Series

NR’s New-generation IED

NR has collected more than 100 countries and regions of engineering knowledge in products that will empower your business for several years to come. The state-of-art products have inherited their philosophy and algorithms from previous generations of proven NR masterpieces relying on more than 20 years of professional experiences. PCS S Series, the highly modular and flexible generation of smart devices for innovative solutions functions of protection, automation and control. With its modular structure, flexibility, the powerful PCS-Studio engineering tool, PCS S series offer future-oriented system solutions with high investment security and low operating costs.

Six devices are available to protect and control your grid.

l PCS-902S Line Distance Relay

l PCS-931S Line Differential Relay

l PCS-9611S Feeder Relay

l PCS-978S Transformer Relay

l PCS-915SC Centralized Busbar Relay

l PCS-9705S Bay Control Unit


Inherited and developed NR reliable philosophy and algorithms;

Integrated comprehensive one box smart application

Highly modular and flexibly customized

Fully compatible with IEC61850 Ed.1/Ed.2

Integrated Cyber security for maximum safety and availability

Fully support for digital substation solution

Robust PCS-Studio engineering tool