NR Won 5 Sets of Magnetically Controlled Shunt Reactor Projects in Angola


NR won 5 sets of Magnetically controlled shunt reactor Projects in Angola LAUCA – HUAMBO 400kV transmission project. This project will be supported by NR all around solutions including protection and control devices.

Magnetically controlled shunt reactor (MCSR) is one type of reactive compensation equipment applied in flexible alternating current transmission system (FACTs). It adapted the width of the reactor control winding DC current, in order to overlay DC bias into magnetic core to run in its saturation part. Reactance value and output reactive power capacity will be regulated smoothly and continuously; as a result, local voltage fluctuation will be suppressed. MCSR will also be capable of controlling over voltage and improve the security in power grid.

As a key index in power quality, voltage fluctuation will bring bad effect to the stability and security of a power system. Dealing with the present problem of voltage instability in Angola, NR provided all around solutions based on unified software and hardware platform and system structure, including PCS-9578 MCR control system, PCS-917 reactor relay, PCS-9631 capacitor relay and PCS-9700 supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system. This LAUCA – HUAMBO 400kV MCR project will significantly contribute to the local power quality improvement.

MCSR project in Angola is a vital application of NR Flexible AC Transmission System. NR offers field proven HVDC and FACTS solutions to solve reliability and efficiency problems in power system. The complete HVDC and FACTS solution, along with high quality equipment, will help to increase transfer capacity and ensure quality of your next generation smart grid.