NR Powered Microgrid System in Thailand

On Nov. 21st, 2017, Ban Khunpae microgrid project has been successfully put into commercial operation. NR delivered all around solutions including engineering design, instrument supply, commissioning, training and maintenance services. Especially, NR delivered these following self-development instruments: energy management system PCS - 9700 - MG, coordination controller converter PCS - 9567 PCS - 9617 MG, energy storage and photovoltaic inverter PCS – 9563.

The project combined photovoltaic (pv), energy storage, micro hydro units, and equipped with flexible grid-connect mode switch, black start, accurate load matching, and other functions. It’s effectively realized the flexible control, stable and reliable running of network system. NR provides all around solutions for microgrid system with fast coordinated control technology and virtual synchronous technology based on IEC-61850 communication, which guarantees the stable operation under off-grid working conditions. The PCS-9700-MG monitoring interface adopts the cockpit mode and the mobile APP function, realizing the local and remote monitoring of microgrid.

Ban Khunpae intelligent micro network successfully put into operation, realizing the stability, economic operation between grid-connect and off-grid conditions for compound systems with hydropower, solar power, energy storage , will effectively solve the region frequent power outages and effectively improve the level of local agricultural production and living power utility.

NR Electric, as a power stability expert, is a leading power system solution provider across the world. Base on its strong technical background and vast experience, NR Electric will provide best performance, competitive cost and most reliable solutions to our clients.