World’s First 500kV/750MVA Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) Project Powered by NR Technology

On December 19th 2017, NR has successfully launched commercial operation of the world’s first 500kV/750MVA UPFC project, awarded by State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC).

This UPFC project is located in the southern part of Suzhou city, Jiangsu, China. In the scope of supply, NR delivered all core equipment inclusively UPFC converter valves, valve cooling systems, thyristor bypass switches and electronic measurement transformers. The site commissoning has been performed during last one month, NR executed more than 190 comprehensive and strict test features. After installation and operation, the UPFC system contributes to control the power flow of Meimu 500 kV AC link, and consequently prevents overload and load shedding in case of HVDC bi-pole blocking or N-1 operation mode. Meanwhile, it is also capable to compensate dynamic reactive power.

NR’s PCS-8200 UPFC system is world’s first MMC-based UPFC product. It has been successfully implemented to Nanjing West Ring Network project since 2015. Till the end of 2017, the UPFC system has prevented dozens of transmission line overload. Especially during summer load peak periods, the PCS-8200 effectively improved the distribution of power flows and boost the power supply by 200 MW, so as to absolutely securing the power supply and system operation of West Ring Power Grid in Nanjing.

NR Electric, as a power stability expert, is a leading power system solution provider across the world. Base on its strong technical background and vast experience, NR Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) solution will electrify the system working more efficiently, stably and flexibly.