NR to Safeguard ±800kV UHVDC for the Second-Largest Hydroelectric Power Plant in Brazil

Early September, NR has won the order from China Electronic Power Equipment and Technology Co., Ltd. (CET) to supply leading-edge UHVDC technologies for Belo Monte Dam Phase II.

The Belo Monte Dam (formerly known as Kararaô) is a hydroelectric power plant currently under construction on the Xingu River in the state of Pará, Brazil. The planned installed capacity would be 11,233 MW, which would make it the second-largest hydroelectric dam complex in Brazil and fourth-largest in the world. In Phase II, a ±800kV UHVDC link with distance of 2518km will be built. It will be capable of transporting 4000MW of electricity from hydro power resources in Amazon Valley in the northwest of Brazil to load centers in the southeast part of Brazil, such as Rio De Janeiro and São Paulo. The Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant is expected to put into commercial operation in the year 2020.

NR supply scope includes converter valves, UHVDC control and protection system, UHVDC current and voltage measurement equipment and power stability control system. The PCS-8600 UHVDC  single pole 12-pulse converter valve is of world’s highest voltage level. It has been certified to international standard by KEMA. The UHVDC control and protection system provides coordination control and shared grounding with existing UHVDC link. The high precise DC measurement equipment and power stability control system will ensure fast step response and safe operation of AC/DC interconnected grids.

NR Electric, as a power stability expert, is a leading power system solution provider across the world. With the winning of Belo Monte Dam Phase II contract for UHVDC core equipment and protection system, NR achieved another mile-stone towards the betterment of high power transmission and better power stability solution.