NR Commissioned SVC at 230kV Substation for Mexico CFE

On 15th June 2016, NR Electric successfully commissioned -50Mvar ~ 150 Mvar SVC system at 230kV NUEVO VALLARTA Substation of CFE Mexico to enhance the grid stability and availability. NR Electric is responsible for the whole Engineering, Procurement and Construction of the SVC project. The advanced package includes SVC system study, design, supply, transportation, installation, setting, testing, commissioning and training.

The SVC system adopts TCR+TSC+FC structure. The TSC based SVC has the advantage of significantly reducing the operation losses during the whole life cycle. The installation of NR SVC system will provide steady state and dynamic voltage control to the system voltage. It can also provide damping of active power oscillations in contingency conditions due to loss of generation or transmission lines. Early in 2016, NR’s SVC system passed site acceptance test, and won high recognition by substation management and operating personnel of CFE for its well performance.

The completion of Mexico’s TSC based SVC marks the integrated ability of NR entering a new stage and ensures an all-around solution with high quality products for our worldwide customers.