• PCS-9691 Management Relay

    PCS-9691 Management Relay

    NR Electric released its advanced Management relay PCS-9691 on 21st march 2016 for the protection and control of distribution systems.

  • PCS-9794 Protocol Converter

    PCS-9794 Protocol Converter

    PCS-9794 is a protocol converter designed for the highest standards of performance, safety and reliability to meet requirements of a complex substation automation system (SAS).

  • PCS-8600 LCC-HVDC/UHVDC Valve

    PCS-8600 LCC-HVDC/UHVDC Valve

    NR Electric is ready to provide its complete HVDC/UHVDC solution to your DC transmission needs including system study, design, manufacturing, integrating and commissioning.

  • PCS-8200 UPFC for Complete Power flow Control

    PCS-8200 UPFC for Complete Power flow Control

    Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) is one of the latest technologies to regulate the active and reactive power simultaneously.

  • PCS-9710 Smart RTU

    PCS-9710 Smart RTU

    The PCS-9710 smart Remote Terminal Unit (abbreviated as RTU) can be applied in various substations and power plants of all voltage levels. It is a microprocessor-controlled electronic device which has high-powered index and parameter.

  • PCS-9799 Station Manager

    PCS-9799 Station Manager

    PCS-9799 is a Station Manager designed for a complex substation automation system (SAS). It is an integral part of SAS that maps signals between protection and control IEDs in substations and higher-level systems such as Control Center or or DCS.