Industrial Customers

Metals and Mining

NR Electric designs control, automation and management products for severe environmental conditions in metals and mining industries.

Oil and Petrochemical

Oil and petrochemical industry requires reliable and cost effective solution to maintain the safe operation and reduces operation budget. NR Electric provides highly reliable and filed proven solution to protect primary apparatus manages process control and maintains voltage stability for oil and petrochemical industry in most extreme environments.

Electrified Railway

Railway trains and speed trams obtain energy from railway electrification system. The Railway electrification has many advantages over other power systems for traction. NR Electric provides integrated solution to the traction system for electrified railways, including protection & control products, automation system and reactive power compensation with dispatching ...

Underground Subway

As one of the major urban transportation, it becomes more and more important to draw attentions to the safe, reliable and economical operation of underground subways. NR Electric’s underground subway solution includes protection & control, automation and reactive power compensation for the electrified traction system of underground subway.