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PCS-9659 Synchronizer
  • PCS-9659 is a digital synchronizer that determines the proper time to initiate closing of the circuit breaker to parallel a generator and bus, or to reclose a line. In order to fulfill different application requirements, it offers three synchronizing modes: automatic synchronizing, semi-automatic synchronizing and manual synchronizing. By monitoring frequency, voltage and phase angle, the PCS-9659 provides correction signals to the governor of prime mover and voltage regulator of generator for voltage matching and frequency matching.

  • Protection and Control Monitoring Communcation
    • ŸAutomatic synchronizing (25A)

    • Semi-automatic synchronizing (25SA)

    • ŸManual synchronizing (25M)

    • ŸMulti-generator paralleling solution: capability of 10 circuit breakers’ synchronization. To any of the circuit breakers, frequency and voltage regulation can be done separately.

    • ŸBlocking signal to other equipment

    • ŸReceive blocking signal from other equipment

    • Low voltage alarm at system side

    • Low voltage alarm at the side to be connected

    • PT circuit failure alarm at system side

    • ŸPT circuit failure alarm at the side to be connected

    • ŸSynchronous mode error alarm

    • ŸOver voltage alarm at the side to be connected

    • ŸSynchronization failure alarm

    • ŸSynchronization counts error alarm

    • ŸRemote startup error alarm

    • ŸSelf diagnostic

    • ŸFault Recorder

    • ŸTotal 1024 SOE, including closing, alarm, binary input change and human operation reports

    • Ÿ64 closing records

    • ŸUp to four 10Base-T/100Base-TX (RJ45) ports or two 100Base-FX ports with IEC 61850-8-1 MMS for non-timecritical message, IEC 60870-5-103 over TCP/IP or MODBUS TCP.

    • ŸTwo RS-485 rear ports with IEC 60870-5-103 or MODBUS RTU.

    • ŸOne RS-485 rear port for clock synchronization

    • ŸOne RS-232 rear port for printer

    • Ÿ1 faceplate RJ45 port for testing and setting

    • ŸClock synchronization via pulse, IRIG-B and SNTP

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