Micro Grid

Micro grids are electricity distribution systems containing loads and distributed energy resources(such as distributed generators (DG), storage devices, or controllable loads) that can be operated in a controlled, coordinated way when connected to the main power network or when islanded. It provides multiple advantages including higher energy utilization rate, higher power supply safety & reliability, less power transmission loss, low environmental impact.

NR provides a safe, stable and reliable solution to both grid-connected and islanded micro grid to realize stable and economic operation. This system greatly increases the proportion of grid connected renewable DGs in the distributed power grids.

NR’s micro grid controller provides control, protection, measuring, monitoring and communication functions for both grid-connected and islanded micro grid. The device offers coordinative control of distributed generators, energy storage, diesel generator and controllable load to realize safe, stable and economic operation of micro grid. This helps to maximize the economic benefits of users by improving distributed generator regulation capability and increasing the utilization of clean and renewable energy.

The micro grid energy management system (MEMS) is a dispatching automation system to address data acquisition, supervisory control and optimal management of micro grid.

  • A unified interface for flexible interaction among different application functions
  • Various built-in DG models for quick access to optimal dispatching management
  • Real time supervision of micro grid status and quick responses to the variation of source, network and load.

NR’s Power Conversion System (PCS) of Energy Storage System(ESS) features bidirectional power flow and flexible control. It has advantages of,

  • Peak shaving
  • Frequency & voltage regulation
  • Backup power-supply
  • Black start

High-performance CPU and DSP with reliable internal high-speed communication bus

  • Configurable and easy to expand and maintain
  • Duplicated sampling for enhanced data collection
  • Self-adaptation of protection settings for both grid-connected and islanded modes