Distribution Network

AC distribution network delivers power from transmission system to end users. ?It’s safe and efficient operation can affect our daily life if not effectively used. For decades, NR Electric strives to provide scalable and cost-effective solution that makes our system more reliable and efficient.

NR Electric’s power distribution solution integrates fast protection and flexible distribution automation system. All the protection and control products are suitable for IEC 61850 standards based on station bus and process bus applications. The automation system modernizes the distribution network from Feeder Terminal Unit (FTU) and Transformer Terminal Unit (TTU) to the Distribution Management System (DMS) with seamlessly integration to Geographic Information System (GIS).

NR Electric offers Distribution Management System (DMS) with various advanced applications to monitor, manage, and optimize energy transmission, by helping utility companies to improve grid security.

Based on operation data analysis, NR Electric believes that poor power quality can result in the mal-operations of feeder protection devices. To solve this problem, NR Electric recommends to adding a reactive power compensator to improve power quality and improves network efficiency. The SVC and STATCOM provides reactive power control and realizes transient compensation to achieve reasonable power flow distribution response time.