AC Transmission System

Based on advanced technologies and vast engineering experiences, NR Electric provides innovative and field-proven solutions for AC transmission system to achieve reliable and flexible performance throughout the system. NR Electric analyzes the situation of each project and tailors the solutions to build the most suitable and valuable system to optimize our client’s investment. Currently, our solutions have been widely applied to over 10,000 substations ranging from 110kV to 1000kV with all over the world.

As a pioneered power system stability expert, NR Electric has already built tens of thousands of well proven AC transmission projects with complete protection, automation and control solution package based on our patented technologies. NR Electric’s protection and automation system products had gained high reputation for high accuracy, fast response, flexible expansibility and easy maintenance. These solutions cover the protection and control for all primary equipment, including generator, transformer, transmission line, busbar, circuit breaker, reactor, capacitor, motor and etc.

Reactive power is considered as the key factor to maintain system voltage and frequency stable. Considering different engineering demands and customer budgets, NR Electric designs cost-effective thyristor-based SVC system and high efficient IGBT-based STATCOM to enhance voltage stability and improves network efficiency.

ong distance AC transmission needs Series Compensation (SC) to change line impedances so as to improve transmission capacity. NR Electric provides the complete Series Compensation (SC) solution to increase transmission capacity, optimize power flow and also reduces transmission losses.

Ice coating is one of the biggest threats to power transmission in winter. To solve this problem, NR Electric introduces DC De-Icer which can melt the ice coating on transmission lines and steel towers to guarantee the safe operation of power system in severe weather.