Built on cutting-edge technology, NR Electric serves for power utilities and industrial enterprises with all-around solutions, best-in-class products and superior services. Our innovative and proven solutions improve the safety, reliability, efficiency of all kinds of power systems with environmental friendly atmosphere.

Non-Stop Innovation

NR believes that technology innovations make world wonderful and effective. Since establishment, we never stop researching new technologies and seeking better solutions to serve power grids all over the world. As a technology-oriented company, NR has owned many creative technologies and patents.

Cooperation with Clients

For a long time, NR is dedicated to solving practical problems in the operation of power system with our down-to-earth attitude. NR insists on working closely with customers to help them solve existing problems and find ways to prevent potential risks.

As a leading system solution provider, NR has gained solid experiences in cooperating with utilities to help them solve troublesome and emergent situations. We commit to customers’ success and contributes to significant projects.